Arnold for 3ds Max 2017 SP2


Arnold for 3ds Max is provided by the MAXtoA plug-in. More information about Arnold for 3ds Max can be found in the Arnold for 3DS Max User Guide 5.


Release Date

January 19, 2017

This version uses the Arnold core


MAXtoA Features and Known Issues

This  release of the Arnold for 3ds Max (MAXtoA) plugin does not include support for all Arnold or 3ds Max features. See the online documentation for further details. 3ds Max 2017 Service Pack 2 is required, and provided in the MAXtoA installation.

•                     New Arnold Properties object modifier.
•                     New Shaders: thin_film, flakes, complex_ior.
•                     Shader state_rgb is removed.
•                     Skydome Portal Option
•                     Arnold Scene Source file export and Archive render options.
•                     Kick.exe now included.
•                     Miscellaneous plugin improvements and fixes.
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