Setting up the Client

How do I Tell Arnold How to Find the Autodesk License Server?

After you set up the license server, the next step is setting up the client machines so they can connect to the license server.

OSX and Linux

Use a text editor to create a .flexlmrc file in your home folder. It should look something like this, except with the name or IP address of your license server:


For example, if the license server is on the same machine as Arnold, you could have this  ~/.flexlmrc file:




Set the ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. For example, if your license server name is MY-LICSERVER-01, then set ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE to @MY-LICSERVER-01

Setting ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE on the Command Line


Setting ADSKFLEX_LICENSE_FILE as a System Environment Variable






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