March 14, 2017

This version uses Arnold (see also Arnold

Fixes in

  • Artifacts on implicit surfaces
  • Fix uniform implicit solver for non-levelset fields
  • N AOV does not include bump information when shadow_matte is computed too
  • Warn if missing SSE4.1 support, instead of aborting
  • AiTextureLoad not using texture_searchpath
  • Downgrade to SSE4.1
  • Missing UDIM textures do not scale
  • Same UDIM texture accessed through different texture nodes can be slow
  • UDIM textures with ignore_textures option set can be very slow

Fixes in

  • Fix temporary hangs under Windows
  • Crash when removing unloaded deferred procedurals
  • face_visibility crash
  • Crash when modifying matrix while reloading a procedural
  • Watermarked deep file hangs render
  • Write time message for .ass files too short
  • Always scale past 64 threads in Windows
  • AiMakeTx should close file handles of input textures
  • Volumes missing IPR update when changing min and max parameters
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